used parasail boats

Used Parasail Boats

Searching for second hand boats or used parasail boats is so much controversial subject in the parasailing boats world. A lot of people who think to start new parasailing boats business are trying to minimize the costs  at the beginning. That is why they start to think about buying used boats to save some money to be used in marketing or advertising or any other expenses.

I am not saying it is a bad thing to buy used parasail boats and work with them, I am here to tell you why we do not recommend this and at the end of the day it is up to you and you have the final call. Do you want to start your business with used parasail boats or with brand new parasail boats?

Actually first thing first : as a new business you always want to give your new clients an ultimate experience of joy starting from the minute their eyes meet your parasailing boats (specially if you have small business depending on 1 or 2 boats). They should be attracted to try the boat by the first look before even talking with you about trip details or even the price and trust me you would never want to see people moving away from your boat when they recognize that it is not a brand new one specially if you were starting a new business, that will give the wrong image about you new starting parasailing job.

Another important point is the costs of maintenance: you wanted to buy a used parasail boats to save some money at the first place. But buying a used boats has its dark side also which you should be aware of.
A lot of our customers have told us bad stories about the used boats they had and how much they suffer trying to make engine maintenance frequently and how that continually effect their business in a bad way with long interruption periods.

As you can see we are not here to tell you that buying used parasail boats is a bad or good idea. We are here just to tell you that it has hidden sides that you should be aware of it before taking the action.

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  1. Hi I am interested in a 24 parasail boat. Complete with winch, chute and all necessary equipment. I am located in Regina Sask. Canada. Could u send me a price please? And some more info.

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