PARASAILING 35: The New Understanding of Parasailing Sport

As Mercan Yachting, we always think beyond boundaries, raising the bar. In every model we made through the years, we search the innovation and conquer it. Parasailing 35 is the statement of our difference. That’s why we set the standard and the rest will follow us. That’s why Parasailing 35 is the best parasailing boat in the World.

Best Features of PARASAILING 35

Parasailing 35 comes with the unique features;

  • Boat has Three different propulsion options; Stern Drive, V-Drive and Water Jet.
  • 4 Point natural ventilation system that helps to cool the engine and is easily evacuated.
  • The new roll-bar has a folding system that can easily folded and refold by a single person.
  • The new hull of Parasailing 35 comes with engineering innovations and sophisticated design. Handling and riding are much more smoother. Improved stability gives a more efficient driving experience.
  • The molds of the new model were designed and manufactured in accordance with vacuum-infusion production technology. In this way, it offers a lighter and statically stronger body structure.
  • Windlass Anchor is now working inside the hull.

What Makes Parasailing 35 Uniqe?

With Parasailing 35 we change the standard deck formation. We seek the sustainability, the comfort and leave nothing to chance.

  • One of the most prominent features on the deck is the new co-pilot console and seating area. Parasailing co-pilot can check the customers or take a picture while seated. The console has 1 freezer, and 1 small storage (for paper, phone, etc.) and a big storage area. Also, the electric box system moved to this console.
  • The main console is ready to amaze you at every angle. The design of the console forming with the ergonomy and effectiveness of the captain. Every screen and control panel is formatted to get proper visual. Captain sightseeing is clear while sitting. The interior of the main console’s volume is perfectly suitable for restrooms or storage.
  • The new seating formation provides a genuine cruise experience. With a new design, this model gives a luxurious interior feel like a power yacht. With the secure design of the deck, customers can watch the parasailing while comfortable riding experience.
  • The bow thruster is an alternative need of our clients that we care about. That’s why we made it much bigger and easy to access.
  • The parasailing platform is designed for the widest dimensions according to the boat’s proportions. The main event of the parasailing experience starts here. The captain, co-pilot, and customers need wide space for comfortable preparation. As Mercan yachting we provide these measurements.
  • Parasailing 35 also has a storage area with a water drain on the working platform. Storages are suitable for keeping parachutes and can be cleaned with water in it.

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